who I am

Nina Gastreich


Originally from Olpe, North-Rhine Westfalia in Germany,

I was given my first point and shoot camera at the age of 4 or 5 and photographed everything in the garden; which resulted quickly in a limited supply of film rolls and flash cubes.

Towards the end of my apprentice ship for offset printing 2003, I purchased my first slr camera( minolta) and started to work as freelance photographer/reporter for the local paper, covering sport and art.

A work and holiday experience brought me to New Zealand in 2003.

Pursuing my lifelong hobby, I studied digital photography and Ninag Photography became reality in 2013.

With a background in Ballroom and Jazz dance, and a passion for dance since a very early age, photographing dancers seemed to be a beautiful combination of emotion and motion to capture.

“The stage feels like my second home, motion and emotion in combination"

Also, I photograph not just dance/performance

I am a photographer, artist and mum, not necessarily in this order on every day,

My passion is to create moments that have a voice, meaning and move the viewer.

Photographs that make memories become more vibrant and keep them alive for many years to treasure.

So you can look back and say- this still gives me the giggles, makes my heart jump, I can feel the emotions 

I had/have the pleasure to work for and with amazing NZ and international dancers, performers, including:

Phoenix Belly Dance, The Dance Studio, IDCO, The Bradas, Momentum Productions, Pineapple Productions, Tamashii Taiko Drummers, Auckland Dance Company, Medanz …Tempo Dance-, Fringe-, You Dance Festival, Hip Hop Qualifiers, HHINZ National Hip Hop, Salsa Congress,Erika Sunshine Lee, Candice Frankland, Pip E Lysaah, Hannah Tasker Poland, Western Springs College, Mount Albert Grammar,Dance24seven,  …

My current home is the Magical Mangawhai, where I live with my husband Dave and 3.5 year old son Aiden


“Dance and performance photography are understanding and feeling the music and dance form; always a challenge to anticipate the moment before the moment' -

so are family moments, especially working with children- a very fun challenge!

 "If you can hear and feel music- you are one beat closer to seeing dance moments"